Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Current need

So far we have received some kind donations from people that have allowed us to pay the deposit, the first months rent, and some equipment for the house.

In a bid to raise funds I did a sponsored bungee jump over the River Nile in Uganda, the funds going towards the furnishing and set up of the home in order to take these needy children in ASAP to give them a loving home.

The bungee jump was a real experience for sure, its a little surreal and hard to express the feeling, one minute you feel like your in slow motion flying, the next minute your dropping at an almighty speed touching the water then flipping back up, going back and forth then hanging over the Nile!! I think I lost my heart in the process, the men that come to collect you were laughing, once your out of the boat I just felt my heart racing so fast and my legs felt like jelly and so light headed that I could barely walk! Was for sure an experience and I dont know how I did it as its so high up, higher than buildings, fear tries to get the better of you but I did it in the end! I just know that I had to and I am willing to do anything for these children, and bungee jumping was just one of them!! If you are reading this and would like to sponsor please send us an email at free-spirit@mail.com

With the funds we have raised from the bungee jump we have been able to buy all kitchen items, the necessary office items (to start with) cleaning items, gardening equipment, tools, paint, and painting equipment, mattresses and bedding for the staff and other items that are needed in the general care of the home. This has been a great start to fulfilling the needs of the home, and would like to say a really big thank you to everyone who has supported the home so far, or sponsored the bungee jump, we appreciate your help in setting up the home! So thank you once again, please do keep in touch and up to date with the progress of the home, and please do pray for us!

Other donations would include a donation from Nairobi Sports House who have donated sports balls including basketball, rugby, football and volleyball! This will be a great asset to the children, so we really appreciate this donation allowing us to teach sports and keep the children physically fit!

We are waiting to hear back on a donation of office/computer equipment so we are praying the company will come to support us, so please pray for this as we are really in need!

Areas of need:

Our need right now is as follows, we are in need in the following areas:

To completely furnish the house:  

- To purchase 12 double decker beds with ladders (bunk beds) 
- To purchase 24 mattresses & pillows 
- To purchase all bedding - pillow cases, sheets.And 24 towels
- To purchase 24 mosquito nets 
- To purchase 2 large dinning tables & 4 benches 
- To purchase 1 large table for studies and other activities with 2 benches 
- To purchase an office desk & 2 chairs 
- To purchase a shelving unit 
- To purchase filing system, and 30 + files 
- To purchase materials for the compound, and to repair areas of the house 
- To purchase clothes, shoes, under wear, tooth brushes, etc all items children will need
- To purchase equipment for education, recreational activities 
 - To purchase bibles - english & Swahili

Funds for:

- To raise funds for 12 months rent 
- To raise funds for 12 months food 
- To raise funds for children's health care, medical funds 
- To raise funds for school fees, educational programs 
-  To raise funds for staff wages 

To gain awareness of the home, to gain support from individuals, companies, churches and many more! We want to work with the community, the way christ intended for us to work together. To support and help one another especially the poor and the needy who are less unfortunate and in need.

We would like to: 

- Host regular fundraisers - through different supporters, individuals who are willing
- Gain long term sponsors for each of the children
- Sponsors to the home as a whole
- Regular donations for those who are unable to help long term
- To raise funds for future projects, investments into long term vision of building our own home, income generating projects for sustainability! Much more !

Highlighted in red are our main needs, the ones we need to fulfill ASAP in order to take these children in and care for them properly!

If you would like to support, like to host an event, raise awareness of know of anything that maybe able to help us as a home we would love to hear from you Free-Spirit@mail.com

Free Spirit needs the help of the community, the way God intended it to be, to help the poor and needy those who are less unfortunate and unable to provide for themselves, we need your help as the community to help these children. We ask for your prayers, and pray that God will fulfill our every need. 

Website to be launched soon!!!!!

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