Tuesday, 21 August 2012


The Current state... 

So on Monday we got the house (13th August) its when the real work begun, we have so much to do! For myself especially so with traveling to the UK in just some days so we got stuck right in straight away.

On Monday we went to buy some basic items and most of the kitchen items we would require at the start of the home, and begun on cleaning the house.

On Tuesday was when the real work begun; in the morning I went to buy paint and cleaning materials ready for the working day ahead! We were doing a deep thorough clean throughout the whole house, scrubbing and washing everything insight from walls, floors, to windows to cupboards! Everything within the house we removed so much dirt, the house was filthy! It made such a difference. With the help of the boys from the home (previously mentioned) Sammy and Abraham, many hands made light work! After spending the whole morning cleaning going into the afternoon we begun on the painting. The boys, James and Juma (our employees) begun painting the bedrooms, really working as a team, painting one room at a time together. Whilst they were working hard we begun making chapatis for lunch giving them more man power, to keep up the work!

The guys really worked hard, achieving a lot and really making a difference to the house already. 

Unpacking the new items

Abraham hard at work

Sammy & Abraham painting

James, Juma, Sammy painting bedroom 3

Wednesday reached; the guys carried on painting with a very early start to the day to get much done, meanwhile myself and James headed to town to buy more things for the house, we bought the remaining kitchen items we required, cleaning, garden equipment, tools, household tools, general care items, and office equipments, we then headed back to the house. James got stuck in with the painting; whilst I washed and set up all the new items in their place in the house, going through all the accounts, setting up the systems in place for the management and running of the house, going through everything that needs to be done over the next coming weeks in the house in terms of repairs, preparation of the house and compound. Basically making sure everything was in place before having to leave the house in the very good and capable hands of my employees! A lot was achieved much painting was done, went through everything with the workers, all was set in place, I trust and know that my workers will do a great job and fulfill things to a very high standard when I am away, and we will also be in constant contact through email, phone, Skype so I have no doubts all will be well, and that I'm just at the end of a call or on standby with anything they need help or assistance with, anything that comes up really, and to receive regular updates, positive things also! I believe the set up will work well!

It has been very hard to walk away and to leave the house and everything in the stage we are currently at, as I would love to be there to be part of the set up and seeing the progress, but I know I am leaving it in capable hands, and I trust it all to God knowing it will be well, knowing this is home and project, so he will guide it.

Please pray for Juma, James, and Joseph, and the team as they under go all the work setting up the house, preparing everything for the children, and to really prayer for them as they receive the first children, your prayers over them and the work they are doing will really be appreciated. May God be with them at this time and bless them, bless their work to appreciated and bring fruit through the home this will be to the children.

Further updates of the progress of the renovation work of the house will follow!

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