Saturday, 29 December 2012

Autumn & Winter

It’s been a while since we have last posted, the last few months have been a busy few not to say typical delays of African timing along the way!

All in all what have we achieved in these last few months?

Progress of renovating and furnishing the house

All the painting and labour work that was needed in the house and the compound has been complete. The guys (Juma, Joseph and James) have been working very hard on getting the house into shape, a lot of work has been done to clear and prepare the compound for several projects too.

A vegetable patch has been planted, so far so good! We are hoping to plant and experiment with lots more! When we have enough resources that will enable us we would like to construct an animal hutch to keep chicken and rabbits which will generate income to the homes as well as bring fresh produce for us to use at the home which will in the long term enable us to save on cost.

Juma unloading donated beds

David accepting the donation of computers from RAMCO

The house is looking in great shape complete with furniture that was made by locals with funds that had been raised, along with generous donations from David and Nancy donating many beds, we have also had a very generous donation of computers from RAMCO for our office, and training courses we plan to run, its also a potential of building relationships with the community and generating possible income in the future. It has been great to see all this come together although it has all been a little slow in the process in getting going! But of course it wouldn’t be Kenya otherwise!

God has really been faithful and provided in so many ways for us to get to the stage we are at, there is often set backs but it has all grown and stretched us so much in our faith and trusting him. It is so easy to worry and to try and work everything out but the greatest peace and comfort is knowing we don’t have to do that as God has told us not to worry about tomorrow, instead we pray and trust him in all our challenges and needs that come our way.

The great news is that after all the work was complete and the furniture arrived; we were able to carry out the inspection, an essential element of the criteria we have to follow and pass required by the government. The inspection went well and we successfully passed which allows us to proceed to the stage of registration, unfortunately the deadline was missed for the completion to take place this year; however we are scheduled to be registered in January 2013, so in the next couple of weeks we should be fully registered in Kenya. The process can take a little long in Kenya which is expected of course, but in the meantime it means we are authorised to take children in. With the schedule we have been given within the next couple of weeks we will be registered which is very exciting news for us!

Over the Christmas period we have had 2 volunteers David and Matt (father and son from Australia) come and stay with us at the home, they have been a great asset assisting and working on many aspects of the house including repairs and jobs around the house which have been a great need, so they have been a really asset to us at this time. We have loved having them stay with us celebrating Christmas, David’s birthday, getting to know more about Free Spirit and exploring Mombasa, it was a great time we shared together.

This is a very short post; lots has been happening but all has been progressing well, and we have achieved a lot in these last few months. It is great to reflect on what has been achieved, we have certainly learnt a lot of patience along the way! It is great to see things coming together, building relationships in the community and growing as a team.

We are praying for 2013; that it may be a year of growth for Free Spirit. A prosperous year in the aid we provide to the children within our care, we pray for great change and provision in helping these needy children that we may see transformation through the work and support receive and provide. May 2013 be a year of hope to many…. 2012 was the year we founded what started from a given vision, may 2013 live out that vision. Please join us in pray and support in helping to change the lives of many through the simplest and greatest act of all LOVE.

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